Jayryn and I with the tree at Rockefeller Center

Christmas Morning at my mom's (there are more kids coming)

Thai Uncles

Thai Paddleboat

Thai Family

Pictures within pictures on the banks of the River Kwai

Dale and Jolon, "Come here often?"

Feeding (koi here), is a way "making merit" in Thai culture. The best part is you still get the merit even if you just like doing it.

We did not feed the tigers though

As I always say, nothing can go wrong if you have an abbot.

Sorry, I just like tigers

Hearts will be broken

Jolon was really excited about elephants, until this tried to put a hat on his head.

Dale didn't do so well either

This was technically a kiss

Washing your elephant

Riding your elephant

Rafting in Chiang Mai

The kids still call sugar cane "elephant food"

This was the highlight of the trip for my mom, just before their elephant wwent rogue

Jayryn makes more merit, writing his name on the back of a temple roof tile

Dale investigates the quality of Thai street sunglesses

Two boys

Welcome to the Andaman Sea

The far side of Phra Nang Beach

Jayryn in the sand on Phra Nang Beach

And in the water

Low tide on East Railay

More merit! A Thai fire ballon

Up! Up!



Food choices on Phra Nang beach

Part of the trail to Phra Nang Beach

Boat linup on the beach

A view of Railay west from the "lookout" on the lagoon trail. Our bungalow was in the line of rust roofs on in the middle on the right

Jayryn in the kayak

The boys and I in a long tail

Dale styling his Thai threads

Bangkok near MBK, or Bladerunner?

Dale's final thoughts on Thai wildlife

Night soccer near the river

Mom and Jolon

ferris wheel at Asiatique on the Chao Praya in Bangkok

At home I don't think they let you this close to the rhinos

Jolon contemplates the ostriches


I don't think I got the English name for this little guy

Jolon is not sure either

Jolon on Bang San Beach in Chonburi



Empty plate of som tam means a happy Thai wife